Pets At Weddings

Pets At Weddings

Struths on Pets

Ah, so you’re an animal person, hey? Pets at Weddings? Well you’re in good company with us because we are pet mad! Like, this is no lie. I may have been known to accidentally ignore humans while making a beeline straight for their dog! Also, our pet voices are ON FLEEK. Mine is more of a high pitched ‘who’s a good boy!’ and Ant’s is more of a deep ‘Hello there champ!!’

Pets At Weddings

Pets At Weddings

First thing you need to consider is what capacity would you like your pet in your wedding? Would your tortoise be happy being your ring bearer? Would your dog be a good bridesmaid? Or would your cat be happier lazing around at home instead of trying to catch your bouquet?

It’s all dependant really on your pets personality. We’ve attended weddings where really excited pups have been looked after by a local dog minder and brought for a short visit for some portraits with their parents! Paw prints on the dress were a reality but if you really want those shots of your pet, its definitely worth it!

If your pet is more mellow and would be happy to be a part of the day then I would always say go for it! But have a back up plan in case they get bored!

Getting a nice shot of them if you’re getting ready at home is always a nice way to include them, bribing them with treats, also helps!

Then, if you’re heading back home later, just overfill their food and water bowls on the way out!

Pets At Weddings

Venues on Pets

Massive point to make here! Some venues do not allow pets on the premises in any capacity. You really need to check with them first, or organise to have some photos with your pet off the grounds.

On the other side of the coin there is venues that have their own pets and welcome yours. You’ll find more open plan, barn type weddings are happy with this!

Pets At Weddings

Pets on Engagements

So your venue doesn’t allow pets, or you’d rather not risk the day babysitting your four legged pal. What about having them included in your engagement/pre-wedding session. We tend to take nice walks with our couples, so bringing your pup along would be fantastic! Or if you’d like a cosy photo session at home with your hedgehog or other indoor friend then we are more than happy to go for that too!

Pets At Weddings

Pets on Decor

Another way of bringing them into the wedding without the physical disruption is to have their faces all over the place! Table plans, or name cards etc you could use your pet to inspire these. If you don’t trust me, just ask your friend Pinterest and there’s loads of tasteful, cute ways to include them!

Pets At Weddings

Photographers on Pets

If you’re planning to have your pet as part of the day in some way then please let your photographer know in advance so they can allocate the time during your portraits for this. Also, not all photographers are pet lovers (Shocking, I know…I think most are, it’s usually part of the job description) but it’s probably best to give them a heads up, just in case!

Pets At Weddings

Struths on Pets… Again!

Basically, if you’re an animal lover and you want your own animal or to hire an animal for the day (YES, alpacas PLEASE!) Then go for it! It’s your wedding and your pet is a part of your family. Find your own unique way to keep them in those important memories!

We hope you enjoyed our take on Pets At Weddings

Loadsa Love!

Kimmy xxx

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