The Boys! – Groom & Groomsmen Portraits

Here’s how we do those Groomsmen Wedding Photos

A good chunk of the wedding day is spent getting those gorgeous shots of the newlyweds, the wedding details, the wedding dress and the bridesmaids.

But don’t despair, we never leave out the Groomsmen. Whether it’s you lot getting ready in the morning, showing your nerves whilst waiting for the ceremony,

having a laugh after all the pressure has gone. We are there to get it all on camera for you.

Groomsmen Wedding Photos

I love this part of the wedding day, getting the Groomsmen Wedding Photos. The newly wed husband amongst his closest friends is something I love to capture.

Celebrating strong male relationships and friendships is something we should all be doing.

Groomsmen Wedding Photos

Usually Kim will do the group photos of the Bride and Bridesmaids, while I will take the fellas off to get some crazy and fun shots once they’ve

had a few drinks and can relax a bit more.

Groomsmen Wedding Photos

The formal ones are always the safe bet but then we can get the shots that represent you and your friendship.

Whether it’s your fellow armed forces men, your brothers, your life long friends or your new father in law.

Groomsmen Wedding Photos

If you’re just getting together having a laugh, or feel like jumping all over each other and taking the piss, we’re up for that!

And if you want to model it up and look like David Beckham at the Royal Wedding, it’s totally up to you.

Groomsmen Wedding Photos

Groomsmen Wedding Photos

For you to look extra DAPPER Dan on your wedding day here’s some amazing places for you and your Groomsmen to get kitted out –

Moss BrosSlatersThe Grooms Room

If you’re looking to DIY it with a tailor then I recommend –

Signature Bespoke – Harland Collier

And if you’re looking to suit and boot a load of lads then you cant beat the slim fits from –

Matalan – Next

Don’t forget family too! Getting some natural shots of you with parents, brothers, uncles is always a good way of capturing that time together. It’s not all about the women!


Have a good one lads,