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HELLO! We are the Struths

Liverpool Wedding Photography

We are Ant + Kimmy - The Struths. We have been together now for 12 years. We met through 'vintage' online dating, what is that you ask? Well none other than MSN Messenger, RIP. Our relationship has sustained by a mutual love of TV series and we've been known to binge watch for really drastic lengths of time - Breaking Bad was completed in less than 10 days.

We've been married for 6 years now and live in a small town in Merseyside with 4 feral beasts in the form of 2 daughters and 2 Ragdoll kitties. We've been shooting weddings for 6 years and we couldn't see ourselves ever doing anything else! We get all wrapped up in the joy and emotion of the day and it sends us home with warm, tingly feelings and some new friends.

A little bit more about us:

Well aside from our love of TV series binding us together, we are pretty much chalk + cheese, which always works well for shooting weddings because we are looking for different things. Kimmy will be looking for some meaningful glances or you tend to find her rolling around on the floor playing + getting some shots of the kids (she also does a lot of children's portraits outside of weddings). Ant on the other hand will be following the laughter. If there is someone cracking jokes or cackling like a witch he will be there to catch them in the moment!

Liverpool Wedding Photography


Cancerian - Fiercely loyal, family is everything.

Outgoing - Will more than likely be the one twirling your Nanny Betty around on the dance floor.

Nickname - GOB - Talks a lot, loudly. Don't make her laugh, you'll regret it!

Actual Harry Potter obsessive - Lives in a Gryffindor hoody + got all emosh when we visited the Harry Potter Studios

Loves Gilmore Girls and wants to be Miss Patty one day

Obsessed with ballads, musicals and karaoke - ever heard of the "Smule" app? God help us all!

Cath Kidston! Just Cath Kidston everything!

Milkshakes make her happy, as do Jaffa Cakes and any kind of Cheese

Favourite film - Forrest Gump

Etsy - Handmade stuff makes Kimmy feel special

Liverpool Wedding Photography


Typical Pisces (He will hate this because he doesn't believe in it!) - Daydreamer, Quiet... at first! Takes everything in, he's the ninja type of photographer, you don't know he's got you until after it's happened!

Coffee addict - Favourite flavour is Red Velvet Cake coffee

Fan of comic books... sorry 'graphic novels'

Massive film buff, especially Film Noir

Obsessed with Liam Gallagher's clothing line, Pretty Green

Not a huge fan of beer/lager. Would much prefer a strawberry daiquiri in a pretty martini glass

Huge fan of musicals - Favourites are Les Mis + Phantom Of The Opera

Religious beliefs - Star Wars

Bit of a hipster, but don't tell him to his face

Lives on Lucky Charms cereal (must buy in bulk)

Liverpool Wedding Photography


Our personal Boho Model

Star Wars obsessive

Lives on bananas

Computer coding champion


Liverpool Wedding Photography



Fierce negotiator

Fearless Shopkins collector


Liverpool Wedding Photography


The "D" is silent

Liverpool Wedding Photography


Mother of Dragons