St George’s Hall Wedding Photography, Liverpool

St George’s Hall Weddings, Liverpool

All about St George’s Hall Wedding in Liverpool City Centre. The rooms, the types of weddings we’ve shot and nearby locations for some amazing shots!

st georges hall wedding front


We love LIVERPOOL! We are both born and bred here and it’s history, people and culture is something we are so proud of. We aren’t huge sports fans, but appreciate the love of the two local teams. We absolutely adore the two completely different cathedrals, the Three Graces on the waterfront, the museums, all of the colourful Superlambananas, the music scene and most importantly the independent businesses and food spots!

Whether it’s just the two of you, or a whole big do. St George’s Hall in Liverpool City Centre is the perfect place for couples to get married. As popular local wedding photographers (not a bit shy, are we?) we shoot at St George’s Hall LOADS. We felt like we had a fantastic selection of images to show you what St George’s Hall is made of! Managed by Liverpool City Council and their amazing and thorough staff, you’re bound to be well looked after.


The Grand Jury Room

The room we have photographed the most! Perfect for weddings of most sizes! This lovely room can hold up to 70 guests and it even has a webcam facility for you to livestream your wedding to family and friends from further a-field! Or you can have the whole room to yourselves and have us as your legal witnesses! We love doing this for our couples! It’s such an honour.

grand jury room wedding

grand jury room wedding

grand jury room wedding

grand jury room wedding

The Rose Room

Perfect for elopements and private ceremonies. It’s just you two, your two registrars and US (or one of us – acting as witnesses). These ceremonies are always so intimate and special and I absolute love shooting these during the week! Many of our couples opt for this if they don’t like too much fuss, or if they’re opting to get married abroad but want their official marriage documented.

rose room wedding

rose room wedding

The Sefton Suite

A lovely alternative to the Grand Jury room. This room holds up to 50 guests and has stunning big windows for letting in some of that lovely natural light!

sefton suite wedding

sefton suite wedding

The Concert Room

We love the concert room because it can be used to hold up to 122 people for a ceremony but if you wanted to go all out and have LOADS of guests then there are two extra tiers! The first tier can hold an extra 286 people and then the balcony tier can hold another 90!

concert room wedding

concert room wedding

Types of Wedding


Just the two of you! And us as your witnesses! We cover these weddings all day on Mon-Thurs and cover one and a half hours (or a bit longer if you want to venture out around Liverpool City afterwards!)

We cover the full ceremony, there will be you two, two registrars and us two in the room and then we head out for some lovely couple’s portraits around St George’s!

st georges hall wedding


Perfect for if you want to just bring parents, siblings or close friends! You have your closest people with you and they get to act as your witnesses. Again, we cover these during the week days and can do slightly longer coverage but an hour and a half usually works for getting the ceremony, family shots and couples portraits without feeling rushed, and without eating too much into your day!

confetti st georges hall

Big Do!

Weekdays and weekends we cover weddings at St George’s where we head to a gorgeous venue around Liverpool for the reception! You have a choice of all the rooms.

st georges hall wedding

Where to go for Photographs

The Entrance/Exit to St George’s Hall

An amazing spot to do your confetti! We can get everyone lined up outside the red carpet and get them to attack you with confetti as you leave the hall!

st georges hall wedding

st georges hall confetti

st georges hall wedding

St George’s Steps

Here there is tonnes of room to get a great big group photo of you and all your guests at the bottom of the steps and then move on to smaller shots of the bridal party and other smaller group photos you need doing at the top! We ask for a list of what group shots you want before the day so that way we can get these done nice and quickly!

st georges hall wedding photograph

st georges hall liverpool wedding

st george's hall wedding

St George’s Gardens

Winter or Summer, the gardens at St George’s Hall are beautiful! They’re incredibly lit in the evening and there are tonnes of different trees and flowers blossoming at different times of year! No matter how many times we shoot here, we can always get different shots!

st georges hall gardens

st georges hall gardens

st georges hall garden wedding

st georges hall wedding

st georges hall wedding

St George’s Hall Grounds!

Just going for a lap around the grounds you’ll find amazing doorways, pillars and all kinds of differently set out steps! You;ve got the historical building as a backdrop along with loads of old and new architecture around it.

st georges hall


st georges hall bubbles

st georges hall steps wedding

st georges hall wedding pillars

st georges hall wedding

The City!

Liverpool has some of the most iconic and cool architecture, amazing street art, and quirky little places to stop off at!

A little stroll around the city and you’re in for a treat! It’s not hard to find a unique and beautiful backdrop for your photos!

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liverpool weddingliverpool city weddingSt George’s Hall is the perfect central spot for your Liverpool Wedding.Whether your day is big or small, we couldn’t recommend it more!


Kimmy & Ant x

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