2019 Round Up

It’s been another good year here at Struth HQ…

After an incredible 2018 which included a few destinations wedding abroad, lots of travelling and some fancy pants awards, we decided that this year was going to be more chilled and working closer to home (and the girls) was going to be a priority. SO here’s how our 2019 in business looked…

We decided to get the cogs turning for a house move, so that we could enjoy a bigger and better place for us, and that Grace and Ivy would have some space to call their own. After a looooong time (they don’t tell you buying a house is stressful for nothing) we finally moved in at the beginning of November and haven’t looked back since, we just need to get cracking on making it our own and decorating!

Earlier this year, I lost my lovely Grandfather, Bob and it’s been a tough time since. This Christmas has been the first without him and his presence at the dinner table, this year, was definitely missed, not to mention all of his funny little quirks! Here’s us last year with my mum squeezed in the middle!

Trust me, I always make a priority at wedding to get shots of Grandparents, not to be morbid, but I know time with them is so precious, and I am so grateful to have found some of my Grandparents old wedding photos to keep. Whenever I forget the importance of my job, I look at them and remember that yes, my job is fun, but it is so important to each and every person I photograph, and their families, present and future.

This year we’ve stuck mainly to the North West of England and have photographer a lot in our hometown of Liverpool, along with some lovely places in Manchester, Chester & Lancashire as well as filming a fair bit too!

Grace has started High School, which was both exciting as well as horrifying! But she has settled in so well and is doing incredible with both Art & Music – she also sat her first Grade 1 Piano exam earlier this month, we are still waiting on her results. I just absolutely love having such a creative child, her mind works wonderfully! This month she also did a sponsored sleep over with her school to raise money for an orphanage in Africa. It was hard going, but I am so very proud of both her and her school for raising some amazing funds for a wonderful charity.

Ivy has started Year 2 and has also settled in nicely, I’m so excited to be photographing her Reception & Year 1 Teacher’s Wedding in 2020 (and her husband to be was also my primary school teacher!). Ivy was nominated to be a ‘Worship Warrior’ at school and takes her role very seriously! And she’s absolutely smashing everything she puts her mind to! Another creative soul we’ve made, who spends her days emptying out our arts & craft boxes and making some spectacular creations! She went to her first ever concert this year to see YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa and she had the most amazing time!

Sooo… That’s us! I like to show a bit of a personal angle with you guys. You let us in on one of your most special and personal days and I think it’s nice to get to know a bit more about the people who will be spending a bit portion of your big day with you!

We will see you all in the New Year!

Kimmy & Ant x