You’re Booked in!

We are all yours...

We are absolutely delighted that you've picked us to photograph your wedding! We know what a big decision it is for you, but let us tell you that you have made a brilliant choice!

We are going to have an absolute ball on your big day and the shots that we will capture for you will have you laughing, crying and reminiscing for years and years to come.

This page is here to give you loads of info about the goings on from here on in. We've also added in some hints and tips to help with planning, and making the best of your photography on the day!

The Bit In Between Booking & The Big Day

Most of our couples book us with a year or so to go before the Wedding, this means we will have a bit of a pause in communication between now and going over final plans really.

If you're booking a pre-wedding shoot, just email us with some available dates and we can get that organised any time between now and the wedding.

You'll spot in your contract that your final balance is due 6 weeks before the big day, we will be in touch about 2 weeks before this with a little reminder about the balance and we will also ask you to fill in our digital pre-wedding questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask for things such as addresses on the day, timings and any important group shots & who the wedding party are. We will also ask you about your other vendors for the wedding. We like to know who these guys are beforehand so we can drop them an introductory message before the wedding, or if we've worked with them before, just say Hi!

Don't be a stranger though... Make sure you're following us on Facebook & Instagram, we keep our pages super up-to-date and they're also the places that we will be posting your very own wedding behind the scenes (if we aren't tooo busy)!

It's always a good idea to get any of your wedding party to follow us too, that way they get a good grasp of our vibe before the wedding

Shout from the rooftops about us!

Well, you don't have to like.. but let your family and friends know about who we are, and how we shoot. Let them know beforehand that they don't have to look directly at the camera (unless asked) and to relax and not worry about us being around.

Let family members know that we will be capturing their formal group shots, but that our focus is to capture them having a good time and enjoying the day, and not having to throw their best awkward 'Chandler Bing' photo grin at us all day.

Explaining that to them helps guests to get used to us quicker and to understand how we are capturing the day in a non-traditional way.

How Long Do We Need For Photos?


We will be with you both around 1.5-2 Hours before the ceremony, depending on location. We find this is enough time to capture everything going on and most people have their full face on and are more than happy to be photographed by this point.

Depending on locations, we leave to give enough time to get to the venue and have our settings prepared for everyone arriving.

As we only have the one car, one of us may need to bunk a lift off someone on the way (or if in close proximity, one of us can drive through and pick the other up!). This is something we will sort around the time you fill in your pre-wedding questionnaire.

Family Formals

We try and limit these as much as we can, as people get a bit bored and cranky! But we know they are important to some family members and even yourselves.

5 or 6 Usually covers what you need and these can take 20-30 minutes in themselves. Here's an example of what we usually do:

Couple with all guests - Confetti Shot

Couple with all guests - Group Shot

Couple with immediate families (separate & together)

Couple with both sets of Parents

We will then cover any wedding party shots like bridesmaids, groomsmen, best men/women etc

Bear in mind, each set up can take up to 5-10 minutes to arrange, especially if your Uncle John has nipped off for a pint or Nanny Betty has taken herself off for a tinkle!

Natural Shots

These are ongoing all day, apart from group formals. Ant shoots with a really narrow lens that can get some amazing close up shots of individuals enjoying themselves, and Kimmy shoots wider, so can get groups of people having a laugh and even their legs kicking up in the air!

Room Details

Your vendors have worked hard, and you've worked hard planning all of this, especially if your wedding is very DIY. We will get shots of every little detail in the room before, while it's empty and during, when it's full of people.

Couple's Portraits

This is what we love doing most, we will keep you for about 5-10 mins after the ceremony, if the grounds and weather are good, if not we will get them before you sit down for your meal. We usually want to steal you again in the evening before your night-time guests arrive to get some more creative shots (we will scout the venue while you're eating and drinking to find the best spots) that will be for another 5-10 mins.

This part goes super quick and it's nice for you guys to have some time alone (sort of) while we heckle you and try and make you be funny, romantic and goofy all in one go!

The First Dance

We always advise doing your first dance around 8-8:30pm, if you can. Most evening guests have arrived by then and it gives us time to capture that, and the dance floor is usually BANGING straight after, and we love getting in the midst of it all and capturing your friends & family having the best time and letting their hair down. Most couples serve their evening food around 9pm (when we are leaving) so this usually falls in nicely, especially if you're doing a cake cutting beforehand too.

On The Day

We will have chatted through all of the details on your pre-wedding questionnaire by then and we will set off early and make sure we are there well in advance. You'll know what time to expect us, and what time we will be leaving you.

We will be fully charged (us and our equipment) and ready to SMASH YOUR WEDDING DAY! (it's a phrase we use to psych ourselves up for the day!)

By the end of the night we will make sure to pop over and let you know we are on our way home and when to expect your sneak peek!

After the Wedding

While you're enjoying your first few weeks of married bliss, we will be working behind the scenes, editing in our unique way to get your images to you as soon as possible!

We always try to get your online gallery to you within 4-6 weeks, however during busier months this can take up to 8-12 weeks as we have a heavier workload and don't want to rush your images.

You'll have a sneak peek blog post to mooch over, and that way you can get those profile pictures updated ASAP, and we might pop the odd image up on social media over the weeks leading up to receiving your gallery.

Once you have your gallery, you can download any, or all of your images online on any device or computer and order prints at any time!

All our couples get their own unique code to share with family and friends, to get discounts on prints & gifts from our 3rd party supplier for a few weeks after your gallery has been delivered as well.

For personalised album orders, these can be dealt with once you have your gallery and you can send us your favourite shots over. We will then hit you back with a digital version of your album to proof and the final product can take 4 weeks to arrive :) We like to proof them before we send them on to you.

Remember that our work is a reflection of your day as a whole. We will capture the good, the bad and the silly! Because that is life, and that is weddings and we like to keep things as authentic and honest to the day as we can. You've obviously seen that through our work online, because we share all aspects of what we shoot, so we must definitely be on the same level!

And Thats Us!

You know we are laid-back and happy to talk about anything to do with your wedding, in fact we encourage it!

Make sure you pop over to our FAQs page for more detailed info about us and our business, you'll find that most questions you have will be answered there.

We also have a recommended suppliers page because we love supporting other people who are in the industry and do an absolutely exceptional job.

Just don't be a stranger! Make sure you check in with us online whenever you want and keep up to date with us. Let us know what images you really like from other weddings we've shot!


Speak soon!

Ant & Kimmy