Who even are we?

So when you become a photographer, you’re like. Hell yes! I’ll take some pictures, people will see them and love them and then I’ll get booked to photograph more and that is that.
Nah, that’s not how it works, like, at all. You’ll take lovely pictures and people will love them, but you’re not the only photographer whose work they love. So, how do you stand out from the crowd?


We’ve shouted from the roof tops! We shoot documentary style!! Look at us!! (Or actually, in terms of documentary style ‘don’t look at us…’) You won’t even know we are there, we are so quiet and ‘unobtrusive’ which is partly true, partly not. We used to take this as a compliment ‘We didn’t even know you had photographers at your wedding!’ But really, it’s not great for us that people didn’t know us. Especially because that doesn’t reflect our personalities, yeah we are quiet, and we will keep out of the way during the important bits, it’s your day.. But it also made us sound a bit boring! It’s also not a great USP (unique selling point) for us because we aren’t the only guys shouting from the rooftops about shooting in this style.



So then we tried a different route to tell the world how amazing we are.. We were like… ‘look at our editing style, its so flattering and pretty’ and our couple’s were like ‘oooo our skin!’ and ‘the cake looks immaculate!’. Awesome. Yes! Happy couples, with pretty weddings, yes! But then, just look around.. Photographers aren’t getting booked for being shitty at their jobs, all their photographs are amazingly flattering too!



Finally we reached “AHA! We are a husband wife team’, Oh yes, we milked this bad boy! ‘we’re married and we shoot weddings TOGETHER’ look at us aren’t we unique?! Actually… Not so unique! There are tonnes of incredible couple teams, and friendship teams, and although we were getting somewhere, we weren’t quite there yet.



We were in a pickle! People weren’t finding us because we have nothing new to offer them. So, we thought, lets speak to our couples who already booked us and get their honest reviews on why they did. So here’s a list:


– You guys were lovely, easy to talk to and interested in our wedding
– You made us laugh, even at awkward times, you had us chuckling
– You’re funny together, and competitive and you helped us to really relax
– You made everything so easy
– You helped us out with tricky stuff throughout the day
– You went above and beyond for us
– Our family loved you both
– We see you as friends now


laughing couples portraits


And that was our USP. US! We are us. We’re goofy, we bicker, we’re silly but we produce consistently great work, and have couples that shout from the rooftops about us. It feels uncomfortable tooting our own horns, but the masses of people don’t lie, we are genuinely nice, good hearted people, we don’t take life too seriously (except when it comes to getting better shots than each other). Our USP might be a hefty one, but it’s genuine and honest and it’s us!

Kimmy xxx


Struth Photography from The Struths on Vimeo.