It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

Rain On Your Wedding Day

Do not be afraid of rain on your wedding day. So you know you’re getting married in the UK when you’re constantly checking every weather app imaginable for the week leading up to your wedding to see if it’s raining. But in all fairness, the odds are you’re going to catch a bit of drizzle. My advice is to stock up on brollies, and accept that fact that you’re a British person, having an British wedding. I bet even Meghan Markle is stressing out about it, as an American she isn’t quite used to our regular downpours.

Rain On Your Wedding Day

We’ve had different types of couples on days like this, we’ve had the ones who have just said ‘sod it’ and got out in the rain for a couple of minutes and we have had others who have decided that the outdoors are just out of bounds and they’d rather stick in the dryness. Either way, it is important that you have a photographer who is comfortable shooting in either of these scenarios. You need to make sure that you’re booking somebody who can handle the rain, isn’t scared to get wet themselves and has the equipment to handle the duller days. Same in respect to the indoors types, you need to have a photographer who is creative enough to make beautiful images from a more restricted area.

Rain On Your Wedding Day

We are natural light photographers, which means our work is very natural, airy, bright and we don’t use a lot of artificial light… However.. We know how to should the situation need it, we know how to create beautiful images using flashes and video lights and use our own creativity and inspiration to make bold and memorable images.

Rain On Your Wedding Day Rain On Your Wedding Day

Taken from Zoe and Rich gorgeous Barden Tower Wedding

Top Tips:

Venue – Make sure your venue has enough shelter and lots of room indoors for your guests to move around and not feel too squashed if everybody ends up spending the day inside. Also, make sure the venue has a runner, or carpet just in case, you don’t want to see any of your friends or relatives slip on their bum on some marble flooring! Oww!

Brollies – Stock up on some umbrellas, especially for your wedding party. Matching brollies, or colour co-ordinated ones would go down a treat!

Timings – Know that the rain can affect the timings of the day, especially photographs, its good to hold out for the rain to calm down, so be ready to hop outside at a moments notice (not while you’re eating or anything, obviously!) Also, check with the venue flexibility as it might be worth bringing dinner a big forward to get people in and some warm food and drink in their tums!

Dress – You can sort of weather proof your dress by going for more of a tea-length one, however, this isn’t to everyones taste. A good idea is to get one with a hoop or a skirt that can be pinned up, it’s good for rainy days and if it doesn’t rain it saves people stepping all over it with the drunken antics in the evening.

Rain On Your Wedding Day

Most of all, don’t take it all so seriously, it’s your wedding day, yes, it’s a MASSIVE occasion in spite of the rain and once that day comes you will officially be married! Positive thinking goes a long way :)

And again, there is nothing to fear about rain on your wedding day


Rain On Your Wedding Day