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Penny-Marie – Liverpool Birth Photography

Penny Marie – Liverpool Birth Photography

Liverpool Birth Photography

So, we like to make friends with our couples, this is pretty much standard. Cheri and Ryan have taken things to the next level for our Liverpool Birth Photography. They invited me to photograph the birth of their baby daughter Penny-Marie at the incredible Whiston Hospital in Merseyside. I joined them just after Cheri had had an epidural administered at around 10pm. Progression was amazing and after almost 12 hours with these guys and zero sleep (hello adrenaline and nosiness) I witnessed their incredible baby girl being born (and photographed it, obviously). I won’t go into too much detail because the specifics are theirs to share. But they’ve wonderfully allowed me to share their images from the labour and delivery.

I can’t even begin to describe what this experience was for me, how strong Cheri was and how they handled such an incredible moment with brilliant humour and intense love.

UNREAL! So I’m officially a Liverpool Birth Photographer now and I can’t wait for the next delivery!


Liverpool Birth Photography

baby slippers

dummy / pacifier

father to be

birthing partners and baby

gas and air

woman in labour at hospital

woman in labour at hospital

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woman labouring in hospital

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skin to skin