We offer a no-messing approach to mentoring others in the industry. Rather than a workshop coving irrelevant info, we tailor our mentorships to our clients. This is not just photographer specific either, we can help with most businesses. Just get in touch

We offer support, advice and mentoring on the following areas:

- Complete Beginners

- Intermediate

- Marketing

- Social Media

- Client Relationships

- Shooting Group Photos

- Shooting Couples Photos (including a live shooting session, if needed)

- Creating an ideal client profile

- Showing our process from beginning to end, including software, copy writing, management

- Website & Portfolio reviews

- Setting up as a business

- Shadowing at a real wedding

Most mentoring sessions can be done through Zoom, but we also offer face to face for more of the physical parts of the job.

All well and good love, but what's the cost?

All depends on exactly what you need. Mentoring costs start from £250 but for more information, fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

I'm Ready!