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Couple wedding portrait in Manchester, UK
Wedding portrait in Manchester City Centre

The story of your Manchester Wedding

Hello there! We are Kimmy and Anthony. We’re diving into the world of being a Manchester wedding photographer. Join us as we explore the essence of your unique love story and the magic that is a Manchester celebration.

As we ventured into the realm of Manchester weddings, Kimmy and I quickly fell for the city’s vibe – a cool mix of culture, diverse venues, and an atmosphere that adds a special touch to every bash.


Snapshot of Our Style

Our approach to wedding photography? It’s about catching the real stuff – those unscripted moments, the genuine smiles, and the unique joy that defines your big day. We bring a personalized touch, so your story is told just the way it happened.

Peek into Manchester Wedding Magic

cool industrial style of Manchester

Take a stroll with us through some cool Manchester weddings we’ve shot. Every pic has a story, reflecting the different vibes and beauty of the couples we’ve had the pleasure to capture

Manchester’s urban landscape is adorned with a unique industrial charm that provides a captivating backdrop for wedding photography. The city’s iconic architecture, characterized by converted warehouses, stylish lofts, and gritty industrial elements, offers an edgy and contemporary aesthetic. The juxtaposition of weathered brick walls, steel beams, and expansive windows creates a visually striking environment that perfectly complements the modern couple’s love story. From the raw textures of old factories to the sleek lines of renovated spaces, Manchester’s industrial venues serve as a canvas for capturing unforgettable moments. The interplay of natural light against these rugged backdrops adds a cinematic quality to wedding photos, creating a timeless and distinctly urban feel for couples seeking a wedding album that reflects the spirit of the city.


Bride arriving at wedding


Bride and Groom Wedding portrait

Unveiling the Cool and Unique Vibes of the City

Where to have your Manchester Wedding?

Embarking on your wedding journey in Manchester means immersing yourself in a world of diverse and enchanting venues that set the stage for unforgettable celebrations. The Manchester Art Gallery, with its grandeur and artistic allure, transforms your union into a masterpiece. Great John Street Hotel offers a unique blend of sophistication and contemporary charm, providing a trendy urban setting for your special day. Didsbury House Hotel, nestled in the charming suburb, captivates with its Victorian elegance and intimate ambiance, creating a perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. For those seeking a truly distinctive experience, the Victoria Baths Wedding Venue brings history to life, offering a vintage and atmospheric setting that turns your wedding into a timeless affair. Each venue, with its individual character, contributes to the rich tapestry of Manchester weddings, making the city an exceptional choice for couples seeking a blend of cultural richness and contemporary flair

Bride and Groom in Victoria Baths, Manchester
Victoria Baths Wedding in Manchester

Olivia & Sam

Victoria Bath, Manchester

Olivia & Sam’s wedding at Victoria Baths was nothing short of incredible. Victoria Bath’s had been on our ‘bucket list’ of wedding venues for a very long time. With it’s quirky, alternative take on weddings, it was the perfect fit for us to shoot at

Manchester City Centre Wedding

Jen & Alex

Manchester micro wedding

Meet Jen and Alex, the dynamic duo who chose the heart of Manchester City Centre as the backdrop for their unforgettable wedding day. As their dedicated Manchester wedding photographers, Kimmy and I had the incredible honor of capturing their ceremony and crafting stunning couples’ portraits amidst the city’s cool urban industrial style.

Didsbury House Wedding in Manchester

Nicola & Alan

Didsbury house hotel wedding, manchester

The lovely Nicola and Alan had their wedding at the stunning Didsbury House Hotel in Manchester. They absolutely MILKED the autumnal vibes going for rich tones of yellow, browns and yellows and we LOVED it!

wedding flowers in Manchester


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