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Hello to our lovely Struth couples!

First of all, what a bloody time to be planning a wedding hey?!

We are both absolutely gutted about what’s happening to the world at the moment. It’s scary, it’s stressful… it’s having a HUGE impact on the wedding industry and our fantastic couples.

We aren’t here to tell you to wash your hands, and stay home, we know everyone is already doing their best to get this time to pass. The sooner it passes, the sooner we can get back to planning these amazing reunion parties!

Here you will see a list with all of our booked/blocked out dates. Any date that isn’t listed is up for grabs. As soon as a date is reserved I will update the list immediately, so please check the list before making any formal changes with venues and other suppliers.



April 4th A + J (moved to 24/10/20)

April 10th A + K (moved to 8/8/20 – provisionally)

May 1st J + D (cancelled – new date not chosen as yet)

May 8th J + P (postponed – new date not chosen as yet)

May 23rd G+J (moved to 29/5/21 – second shooter to be booked)

May 24th G+K (moved to 30/5/21)

May 25-30 France A +E (moved to 31/5/21-3/6/21)

June 6th J +R (moved to 5/6/21)

June 20th B + B (moved to 19/6/21)

June 25th V + L (moved to 10/6/21)

June 27th A + D  (moved to 29/5/21 – second shooter to be booked)

June 28th M+ N (moved to the 28/5/21)

July 4th M + C (moved to 4/4/21)

July 10th R + E (moved to 16/7/21)

July 11th G + B (provisionally moved to 27/6/21)

July 17th A+ K (moved to 04/09/20)

July 18th N + S (moved to 17/7/21)

July 23rd S + D (elopement) (still booked)

July 24th O + S (moved to 24/7/21)

July 25th E + O (provisionally moved to 8/8/21)

July 26th M + C (provisionally moved to 25/7/21)

July 30th N + L (provisionally moved to 29/7/21)

August 6th R + I (reserved and also booked 6/8/21)

August 7th S + P (provisionally moved to 14/5/21)

August 8th A + K (provisionally moved from 10/4/20)

August 15th P + H (moved to 14/8/21)

August 22nd A + R (provisionally moved to 17/10/20)

August 24th L + C (moved to 2/8/21 provisionally)

September 4th A+K (moved from 17/7/20)

September 5th E + P (still booked)

September 10th A + M (still booked)

September 19th S + J (moved 28/8/21)

September 26th B (still booked)

October 3rd F + S (moved to 30/4/21)

October 9th S + J (still booked)

October 10th S + M (moved to 9/10/21)

October 16th L + G (still booked)

October 17th A + R (Booked from 22/8/20)

October 24th J + A (covid 19 move from 4/4/20)

October 25th K + C (still booked)

October 29th K + P (still booked)

October 30th A + J (still booked)

December 12th S + J (still booked)

December 29th- January 2nd 2021 – Ireland Wedding


April 2nd S + D (booked)

April 10th E + C (booked)

April 30th F+ S (covid19 move from 3/10/20)

May 1st A+J (booked)

May 14th (covid19  moved from 7/8/20)

May 28th M + N (covid19 move from 28/6/20)

May 29th x2 G+J and A+D (covid19 move from both 23/5/20 + 27/6/20 – second shooters to be booked)

May 30th G+K (covid 19 move from 24/5/20)

May 31st – 3rd June – France Wedding E + A (covid 19 move from 25/5/20-20/5/20)

June 5th J + R (covid 19 move from 6/6/20)

June 10th V + L (covid19 moved from 25/6/20)

June 12th C + J (booked)

June 19th B + B (covid 19 move from 20/6/20)

June 27th G + B (provisional covid 19 move from 11/7/20)

July 4th M + C (provisionally booked from 4/4/20)

July 15th A+L elopement (booked)

July 16th R + E (covid 19 move from 10/7/20)

July 17th  N + S (covid19  moved from 18/7/20)

July 24th O + S (covid 19 move from 24/7/20 – originally incorr date)

July 25th M+C (covid 19 move from 26/7/20)

July 29th N+L (covid19 move from 30/7/20)

July 31st E + S (booked)

August 2nd L + C (covid19 move provisionally from 24/8/20)

August 6th R + I (covid 19 move from 6/8/20)

August 8th E+O (covid19 move from 25/7/21)

August 14th P + H (covid19 move from 15/8/20)

August 28th S + J (booked)

September 1st H + C (booked)

September 3rd A + P(booked)

September 5th N + L (booked)

October 2nd L + D (booked)

October 9th S+M (covid19 move from 10/10/20)

October 16th J + M (booked)

December 26th R + D (booked)


April 29th C+P (booked)


As you can see, November 2020 is EMPTY and there are tonnes of prime dates in 2021 that you can move to!

We are here for whatever you need, advice, support, a bit of a rant! Just drop us an email or give us a call and we can discuss anything you need

[email protected]


Take care,

Kimmy & Ant x