We also photograph commercially for businesses. We specialise in natural, authentic and creative photography that captures the individuality and style of our clients. We always work exclusively on location with natural light and choose not to work within a studio or use any artificial lighting as we favour the more flexible, varied environment and approach, a more natural look to our images, as well as a quicker and more interactive way of working.


We aren’t fans of the real corporate stuffy look in our images, it’s just not what we are about.


You’ll receive a collection of creative images from our collaborations that are relaxed, memorable, creative and more importantly they will reflect your own style and the personality of you and your business.


Whether you’re a musician, an artist, or you work for a larger, edgier company. Our images really capture the essence of what you are about and your products or services.


If you’d like to chat more with us about your commercial photography needs then please drop us an email on info@struthphotography.com


‘I’ve hired The Struths for various commercial & lifestyle shoots recently & I’ve been so happy with everything! A delight to work with, super creative & fun. The photos are that good that I’m submitting them on various professional platforms & I’ve just signed off on a large feature in one of the most popular creative magazines in the USA where their brilliant images will be used. I will continue to make further bookings as it’s so ace to find such talented gems that get what you want & best of all they are from Liverpool!’ – Rachael Taylor Designs