Liverpool Wedding Photography

Our Style

Our style is about emotion, honesty + fun. We live for capturing genuine moments as well as some creative and romantic portraits, along with documentary all of the little details that make your day unique.

We're quite romantic and sentimental souls so weddings are the perfect place to be as love and emotion are in abundance. Documenting the love between our couples is what makes enjoy what we do. Capturing the joy in your family and friends faces and everybody just having an amazing time is just such an enjoyable thing to do.

We want to capture the highlights of your day, the best bit, some of which you might not even remember but you can relive it over and over again for a life time

How we work

We are predominantly documentary style wedding photographers which means we are as unobtrusive as possible so that we can capture those real moments of everybody having the best time from 2 different perspectives. The only "posing" we will assist with will be during the couples portraits. We get some alone time with you both and we will direct you (or heckle you) into genuine positions which are natural to you. We are usually doing this from behind a bush or from the floor - Somewhere you wouldn't expect but this is a great time for you to be alone together and for us to get creative. We will take the minimum time with this as we know you'll want to get back to your guests and we can continue documenting your day.


Where are you based?

Crosby, Merseyside but we are available for weddings all over the UK and abroad. Travel within 100 miles is included. If your UK wedding is further we charge £150 travel.

Can you hold a date for us?

We can be booked up pretty quickly, especially for summer dates, so we can only hold a date once a deposit has been paid.

Can we print from the USB?

Yes, it is a requirement!... Jokes! But please do, they are all full size, high quality images and have no watermark. Feel free to put them on Facebook and other social media too.

Do you both take pictures?

Yes, we are both there all day. We think getting 2 perspectives of the day really helps with documenting it fully, and limits the chances of us missing anything.

Can we book just one of you?

Yes for mid-week Monday to Thursday bookings we offer a package for £1000 with just one of us.

We don't like having our pictures taken. What can we do?

It is very rare that people enjoy having their pictures taken, including us! but please don't worry, we have a proven track record in putting our couples at ease. We wont be posing you in a traditional sense, we just go with the flow!

How many pictures will I get?

We aren't greedy and like to share all the love. We take a lot of pictures, but give you only the good stuff. This can be anything between 500-1000+ images depending on each wedding.

I don't live near you can we Skype?

Yes, we have Skype and Facetime!

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we certainly do.

Do you do traditional group shots?

We are happy to do these, but they can tend to take a good portion of the day and eat into your couple's portrait time. We try and limit them to one big group shot and 5-6 smaller group shots. We will get these from you before the wedding and we don't mind doing the odd extra one if any family members are keen to have them done on the day.

Do you require a meal?

No, but we never refuse when a couple is so kind to offer. We usually request that we are seated away from the guests during this time as we tend to recharge batteries, ours and the cameras, and do some back ups of your lovely photos.

How much booking fee?

£350 booking fee to secure the date, and the balance is then due 6 weeks before the big day.

What equipment do you use?

We use Canon DSLR's (mainly 5D mk iiis and 6Ds) and a selection of prime lenses that work great in low light.

How long until we get our images?

All of your images are on an online gallery usually within 4-6 weeks (this can be extended during the busier months) but we will share a few sneak peeks so you can update your Facebook profile pics ASAP! Your USB will be sent out about a week after your online gallery has been viewed.